Video Review: Dream “He Loves U Not”

Lights flash on and off over Dream’s logo while the girls do some arm movements in the background. Wearing skintight light pink matching outfits. If any of them bend the wrong way, it looks like the top, pants or both will split. Again, Holly gets off easy. She gets the conservative version (pink jacket with white tank top underneath and a belt to break up the color.). Ashley (tube top), Melissa (crop top), and Diana gets a tank top with a v-cut at the bottom.

Each girl is also given a glamour moment in the white room: Holly is the jock, Melissa is hair and makeup. Ashley’s just scary, and Diana copies Holly.

After the girls dance again behind the logo, Diana wags her finger, waiting to go after the girl who wants Ashley’s boyfriend. Holly is all “bring it, bitch.” Melissa smiles, thinking of taunts. Ashley, however, is not messing around. Seriously. Keep sharp objects away from her.

The girls dance behind the background again and it’s cut with each of them having a say. Ashley looks like she’s going to scratch the other girl’s eye out any second. Melissa thinks of how pretty she is. Holly backs Ashley up. Diana repeats whatever Holly says.

Ashley and her boyfriend drive out to the desert. It’s a bonfire for all the cool kids. The wannabe homewrecker is not invited!!! (according to Ashley). It’s a caravan, though, as the other girls follow with their boyfriends.

Dream takes center stage at the bonfire, letting all the other girls know who is boss. No one tries to steal one of their boyfriends! Then, they show off that they can do *NSync’s choregreography from “Bye Bye Bye.”

In front of the logo, the girls do an extended dance routine. Then, the girls have fun in a bedroom. They climb the walls. At the bonfire, a crowd surrounds them. The rumor of a catfight just got around. Back at the logo, Melissa cocks her head while the other girls stand around, looking tough.


Rating: 1/5

Dream is the clique to be feared as they walk to class. People have to be asked to sit with them. Although rumor is Ashley took another girl out to join them. No one knows what happened to her. Sometimes sightings are seen at the rival school.

      Director: Marcus Raboy  Year: 2000

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