Video Review: Justin Bieber “Sorry”

The camera spans to the ReQuest Dance and Royal Family Dance Crews’ holding a sign with “Sorry” written on it.

Against a white background, a dancer seemingly falls from the sky and claps to the beat and then she walks off the stage. The camera, moving a panoramic motion, follows three dancers tilting their heads and arms to the song. Following the underlying beat of the music, the dancers swing their butts to the ticking of the instrumentation. During the ticking, the dancers speed up their moves as the beat gets faster.

All together, they crawl on the floor, their butts up in the air and then form a hip hop conga line. At one point, they pause and start mouthing the lyrics, doing exaggerated expressions. Back in the hip hop conga line, they slap their friends’ butts.

At the finale, they stand in a group and then run to the camera, giving it a kiss. They wave goodbye and one dancer holds up a sign that reads “We Heart JB”


Rating: 5/5.

The physicality of the dancers is top-notch. Every tick and vocal has a respective arm, hand, and leg movement that makes sense according to the music. The energy is high, the attitude is outgoing and playful and every movement is crisp. Modern hip hop dance at its best.

     Director: Parris Goebbel   Year: 2015



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