Video Review: Coldplay “Adventure of a Lifetime” 

 In the jungle, birds chirp and other animals howl. A chimpanzee swings from vine to vine. One chimpanzee (Chris Martin) wipes himself off A second chimpanzee turns his face away, irritated by the third chimpanzee wiping off his face. A fourth chimpanzee hears a noise and begins to rustle through the leaves. He puts it to his ear, listening to the sound.

Martin starts to make noise and crawls over to the sound. The fourth chimp puts it to the Martin’s ear. Martin bobs his head and calls the rest over with his arm. He jumps into the forest and then dances. He finds a vine and swings from tree to tree. When he lands, he begins to dance. Martin pumps his chest, his hand on his heart.

Meanwhile, the other chimps have begun to shuffle their feet and heads to the music. From the top of the trees, they see music instruments. Curious, they begin to inspect them. One of the chimps bangs the guitar on the ground. Eventually, they realize it’s where music comes from and they begin to play the instruments.

Taking a break from the instruments, they clap and do a coordinated dance. Other chimps from various parts of the jungle have come to see what’s going on. They soon join the coordinated dance.

Martin climbs trees and touches his heart, observing the other chimps who have come by his pack. At the end of the day, Martin watches the sunset.


                Rating: 5/5

Dancing chimps? It sounds ridiculous, amateurish and destined to fail. However, Team Coldplay took their time and put in the hard work needed. Without the dedication and collaboration from others, it could’ve been an embarrassment. However, it’s a marvel to watch, going above and beyond the typical video.

    Director: Mat Whitecross        Year: 2015


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