Video Review: Shawn Hook “Sound of Your Heart”

As snow falls on the ground, Shawn Hook and his girlfriend stand with their backs against each other, holding hands. His girlfriend looks to the side, numb. Hook waits for her move. They lift their guns and put it against their shoulders. They separate and walk to their different corners. Using her fingers as a gun, she shoots him in the heart. He cries out in pain.

He remembers when they used to make love. Sitting on his bed, he would stare at her. She would lie on his chest. He would caress her butt and thigh, then lean against her.

Staring at the snow-laden ground, it’s all he can think about. Hurting him, though, was something she couldn’t handle, either. She bursts into tears. He looks at his hands, which are covered in an inky fluid. It’s what she wanted. She falls into the inky fluid. Hook shouts “no!” Destroyed, he waits for her to pop up, something to indicate that she is still alive.

In between, Hook plays the piano and finally, he rests his head on it, exhausted from all the emotion.

Rating: 2/5

First, they hate each other and she hurts him all the time. However, they have great sex, which makes everything better and then they are perfect again. But the toxicity of their relationship is too much for her and she leaves. Hook misses the great sex. There isn’t much substance to their relationship, making Hook’s reaction comical. It’s melodramatic and the snow falling only adds to the coldness of the video; Although it does look pretty while it falls on the piano.

The black and white styling is too formal the song, giving it a stiffness renders the sex scenes lifeless.

     Director: Alon Isoncianu Year: 2015


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