Video Review: Pentatonix “Cheerleader” 

Scanning past the aluminum gym floor, the camera stops at Avi Kaplan’s tennis shoe propped up on the bleacher. Starting with Kaplan, all the members pull down their hoods from their jackets one by one and begin to sing. Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying grin as they sing.

As they walk off the bleachers, they take one step and then pause until they reach the floor. Kaplan and Kevin Olusola sit on the chairs. The others stand behind them. Kristin Maldonado mugs for the camera. Sometime, between everyone’s individual spotlight moment, Kaplan and Olusola get up from their chairs and together, they group walks in a straight line back towards the bleachers. When they sit down they “ooh” and put their hoodies over their heads again.


              Rating: 3/5

Currently, anything taking place in a high school enviroment has an edge to it. However, Pentantonix’s sweetness is endearing. Here, they are part of the high school chorus, spending time together before going home from practice. Overall, they seem like a good group of people who are friendly with everyone.


The song benefits from having a high school theme. It becomes more about first love and friendship than a conditional loyalty dependent on Omi’s approval.

    Director: N/A  Year: 2015



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