Video Review: Gnash & Olivia O’Brien “i hate u, i love u”

In the early morning, the ocean has calmed down. The sunlight has yet to reach the mountains. From above, hundreds of trees can be seen, composing the forest. Waves crash onto the mountain’s edge and on the rock. More trees. Waves swell in the ocean. Another mountain connected to the ocean. A tree branch stands out, its twigs like tiny arms reaching out. Gnash walks through the forest in his tennis shoes, observing the tall trees. He hangs out in a cove, away from the burning sun. After walking all day, he rests on a log.

The water is still but a wave follows, building towards the shore. Sometime in the afternoon, he begins to walk again. He moves a branch out of the way and puts his head down and crawls over rock to get back home.

Olivia O’Brien watches the waves, like smoke, consume the rock. She stands on a rock, overlooking the ocean. More mountains and ocean. The water cascades down the rock. She walks further to the edge.

In the evening, the sun has set and the ocean has turned a navy blue. She walks on the beach, away from the water and then into the forest. Gnash arrives to the ocean, looking at the golden sky, his only moment of reflection.


 Rating: 3/5

The landscapes are beautiful. However, Gnash seems to be more concerned about having an image (leather jacket, skinny jeans and sunglasses) than conveying any emotion.

It’s  O’Brien who has that job. With her downcast expression, she’s mulling over the state of relationship. She’s visiting the same stop they used to love. However, she’s unaware that he is there, too. Without any real input from Gnash, O’Brien seems to be the only cares. While reflecting may be the theme, it’s one-sided and without Gnash cooperating, there’s a disconnect in the video.

Director: N/Year: 2016


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