Video Review: Seal “Prayer For The Dying”

Against a black background, Seal’s profile is shown from several different angles. A spotlight on Seal lights the room up. Eventually, the room is revealed to be painted white with different doors.

Seal puts his hand behind his bald head and then after resting it, raises his arm up and does the same with the right hand. With his arm, he points towards each door. He then puts his left hand near his temple. He does a little dance.

A blood red light appears on Seal’s body and then disappears as he keeps his hands in front of him. He does a quick spin.

Rating: 0/5

The perfect ending would’ve been Seal entering one of the doors. At least the doors would’ve been used for something other than decoration. For a song that is trying to say something, nothing of merit happens in the video.

The video instead chooses to rely on Seal’s muscles peeking out from his t-shirt to do all the work. While his muscles are in great shape, there needs to be more.

Apparently, there is a concept. According to Paul Boyd on Youtube, he wrote “until the doors of perception are cleansed things will appear as they truly are – doors are choices, the white room is limbo.”

However, Seal’s passiveness in not doing anything other than staying in the center limits the video. He doesn’t even approach any of the doors. Without any interaction, it’s simply stays a set.

Director: Paul Boyd Year: 1994


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