Video Review: Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello "I Know What You Did Last Summer"

Underneath a stormy sky, swarmed with navy blue clouds, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes walk towards each other on the grainy sand. However, they both walk in place.

Cabello spills the truth, darting her eyes away from him. Mendes shakes his head and glares at her. The sand bubbles above them as they walk.

He falls into the inky ocean.

Pained, Mendes wants an explanation from her. The wind swirls as Cabello refrains from saying any more, putting her arms out to end the conversation.

A tearful Mendes, though, doesn’t understand. She explains it wasn’t his fault.

In her individual shot, she folds her arms across her chest as she stands in the inky ocean. She kicks up some of the water with her high heel boots.

Snow begins to fall. Mendes brushes away his hair. She puts her hands in her hair as Mendes’ disappointment is all over his face. Cabello puts her hand on her heart.

The rain pours down, drenching them both. Frustrated, Cabello tries to get to him to listen to her. Mendes has tuned her out, though. The rain drips from the tips of his hair and his chin. He says nothing.

He stands alone underneath the navy blue sky.

Rating: 2.5/5

The sinister sky reflects the corruption going on within the Camila Cabello’s and Shawn Mendes’ relationship. As the thunder claps miles away, they walk in place, unable to compromise and reach middle ground.

Mendes places the blame on her and guilts her. Cabello internalizes the shame but tries to defend herself. But once everything is out in the open, things get chilly between them.

The weather provides a literal view of what they are feeling. Given the animosity Mendes’ has towards her, the break-up seems only to be the beginning. The relentless conditions suggest Mendes may have some secrets, letting Cabello be the scapegoat for the demise of the relationship.

Lighting, though, is an issue. The bleakness hides their faces. Close-ups allow at least a read into their emotions. However, when they are walking towards each other, body language becomes significant. Cabello uses it by opening her arms. Mendes, though, keeps his arms at his sides, his expression inscrutable.

It’s his inscrutability that implies that something horrible will happen later.

Director: Ryan Pallotta Year: 2015

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