Video Review: Pitbull & Stephen Marley "Options"

Outside a restaurant in Kingston, Jamaica, Pitbull rolls the dice. He says to Stephen Marley that they are going to something monumental. Marley invites Pitbull to a party afterwards at his home. Pitbull says it’s an honor.

Pitbull watches a woman in a bikini top and short shorts walk up the steps. They smile at one another. He nods at Marley and then follows her inside. She picks out a song at the jukebox.

A fortysomething man watches two boys pull a cart down the street.

Pitbull joins her by the wall and dances with her. Two young women talk at their table, oblivious to Pitbull. An older man at the counter puts his hand on his chin, admiring the woman’s curves.

At his late father’s recording studio, Marley sings into the microphone. Pitbull dances around him. Then, raps into the microphone during his part.

At the jukebox, Pitbull leans into her, eyeing her cleavage. The older man gives him a thumbs up as he leaves with the woman. They get on his bike and ride down the street.

Women shake their butts, touching the street art dedicated to Bob Marley. Boys play soccer in the street. They stop. There, three little girls sit on a fence, singing along. He buys a coconut for the woman. He grins at the little girls’ reaction to the lyrics.

Pitbull raps in front of Bob Marley’s home.

He kicks the soccer ball back to the kids.

Pitbull and the woman dance at the party, held outside the recording studio. Cherry red bulbs lights hang like electrical lines over the area.

At Marley Pond, the Bob Marley statue points to the sky. In orange text, Pitbull thanks The Marleys and Jamaica.

Rating: 0/5

The women are different in each scene. However, they all wear a similar outfit — red bikini top and denim shorts short, making them interchangeable. The texture of the women’s hair is the main giveaway. None of them stand out. The first woman featured, though, is memorable by default. Pitbull seems to like her the most, though. As he dances with her, he’s comfortable getting close. They seem to have at least had a conversation off-set, sharing quotes from their favorite movie over lunch.

In Stephen Marley’s presence, though, the video behaves. In the recording studio, plaques Bob Marley are on the wall and a painting hangs on the other side. Street art dedicated to Marley’s lyrics are seen.

It’s short-lived. Pitbull dances and flirts with every woman he sees. Bob Marley isn’t remembered again until the statue shown at the end. After the abbreviated tribute, he affected thank you by Pitbull is a barely kept promise.

Director: Gil Green Year: 2017

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