Video Review: Fifth Harmony "Sledgehammer"

Against a baby blue background, the young women of Fifth Harmony pose in silhouette. After Camila claps, the group is sitting on some steps. A young man lifts a hammer.

The lights flash to faint red as the group touches their hearts. It returns to silhouette. However, on the steps, a canary yellow flashing across the group.

Waving her hands in front of her, Camila stands next to a statute of a white horse, galloping in mid-air.

On the steps, the lights turn on again as the group moves their hands and pose.

On a silver playground set, the group wears primary color dresses. Some swing while others lean on the jungle gym.

In silhouette, continuing with the baby blue background, the young women hits two cans with two hammers. Lauren waves a fan. The young man hits the can, while his shadow slams the other. Yellow and red lights flash over him. Lauren stands in front of a fan. Then, her silhouette changes to yellow and red.

Camila leans against the wall with the statute of the white horse. The lights change to a green for a second.

The group silhouette turns lavender. They glance over their shoulders in the light.

Rating: 5/5

White, considered an ordinary color, pops as though if it were neon. Fifth Harmony’s white dresses complements the baby blue background. For Normani, there is an accent of gold in the chandelier behind her. Minimal and out of focus, the gold is luxe rather than tacky.

Camila’s room with the white horse is an ethereal image. The statute acts as a sculpture commissioned by a famous artist. An exclusive, it will be passed on from generation to generation. However, sometimes it travels for exhibits.

As the group swing on a steel playground set, their dresses (all plain, primary colors) stand out while their images soften and blur in the divine romantic setting. It’s as though they are above the clouds, looking at the world below.

Director: Fatima Robinson Year: 2014

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