Video Review: T-Wayne "Nasty Freestyle"

T-Wayne slides on the concrete and begins to rap. The camera rocks back and forth.

Further out in the field, he makes a swish motion with his hands.

The screen splits into two, creating a kaleidoscope effect as his image folds into the other.

He raps underneath the graffitied overpass, the camera continuing to totter.

In the field, he stands on some concrete, rolling his arms.

In a split screen, he swings his arm as though it were a baseball bat and puts his down at the overpass.

Back on the concrete, he puts folds his hands as though it were a pillow and pretends to fall asleep. He points to the camera and looks away. The camera tilts right and left.

In the split screen, the field seems to go on forever.


Rating: 0/5

The video moves as though it were an unsteady boat caught in a thunderstorm and the people ignored the weather, believing it was made-up. The amount of shaking approaches ignorance, ceasing being a style. It ingests every detail as it obstructs vision.

Each part of the highway, where seems to be near, has some character to it. Nonetheless, the camera doesn’t want to examine anything and has a sadistic need to get its viewers sick.

Director: N/A Year: 2015

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