Video Review: Alanis Morissette "Eight Easy Steps"

Inside a room, Alanis Morissette plays the guitar. She walks down the street, in short hair, which is taken from the “Everything” video. She records in the studio, circa 1996. From “Hands Clean”, she is seen on various channels on the television.

Circa 1998, she performs in concert. Fans scream for her. In the “Thank U” clip, she touches the wall and a star appears. She climbs on top of a truck from “You Learn.” She adjusts the rearview and sees herself in the backseat, giggling, taken from “Ironic.” In black-and-white, she drives a car in a parade while beauty queens wave to the crowd in the backseat. She sets her purse down on the bench from “You Oughta Know.”  She talks to a boyfriend in “Unsent.” She sings in her earlier videos, pre-Jagged Little Pill.

As a teenager, she performs a talent show on televison. In home video, she bumps her brother on the butt and dances. At a birthday, she slaps her hand on her leg at the table. Then, a mother is seen giving birth to her. Morissette plays the guitar in the room.

Rating: 0/5

Alanis Morissette relives her glory days in the succession of video clips, all of which were major hits. It tries to explain the structure away by adding home videos and a mother giving birth at the end that she was meant to be a singer. The retrospective is less of an overview and turns into what once used to be, glossing over her career.

Morissette seems as though she doesn’t really care anymore and wants a break. It’s a constast to seeing her as a glowing teenager, on the cusp of stardom, ready for the moment. She was a bubbly child, always performing and bumping her brother out of the way.  In her earlier videos. she is engaged with the storyline. In the room, she strums the guitar and sings, thinking of anything she would rather be doing.

 Director: Liz Friedlander Year: 2004

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