Video Review: Post Malone & Quavo "Congratulations"

At the recording studio, Post Malone hugs one of the producers.

On stage, a tube television, with bits of confetti, plays in the background.

Back at the studio, Malone listens to what he recorded. The producer watches the waves on the computer screen, checking to see if anything needs to be edited. People are nodding and dancing to the music.

Against a fuchsia background, he raps. It then changes to a Mediterranean blue.

The producer clicks on the mouse, the brand blurred out.

The background has turned gray and confetti flies in slow motion. He flicks his lighter and lights his cigarette.

He raps in the studio, proud of his work.

He raps against the fuchsia background. A crowd of people join him as it rotates to Mediterranean blue. It rotates back and forth twice. Next, he is alone against the Mediterranean blue background. Confetti flies in slow motion again against the grey background.

The smoke returns back in his lungs. He flicks the lighter, which has tiny, golden sparks. He smashes the television with a baseball bat.

Against the teal background, confetti flies and people pop open bottles of champagne.

Against the Mediterranean blue background, Quavo joins him, dancing around. Confetti flies over them.

Against the fuchsia background., Quavo holds money and smokes. Back to the teal background, Quavo holds the funnel while he smokes. Quavo shows off his grill.

Malone holds the baseball as the television pieces itself back together in slow motion.

Rating: 4/5

Post Malone is an anomaly, eschewing brand names and women. Details and the process are his main focus. The record producer studies the beats, figuring out what should be changed. He brought some of his friends, wanting them to hear his new music first. He also values their opinions. If one his friends tells him they would return back to their table at the club once the song began, he would start all over again.

He’s been waiting a long time to break into the industry. It has taken a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Getting a song recorded for mainstream radio is a huge accomplishment and something he doesn’t want to diminish. He seems to be rejecting pop culture and the materialism it breeds by smashing the television. He doesn’t want to be like anyone else.

Director: James Delfina Year: 2017

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