Video Review: Calvin Harris & Jessie Reyez “Hard To Love”

In downtown Paris, Jessie Reyez rides her skateboard pass the shops closed for the night. She rides her bike to the subway and walks on the second level. She dances by the Seine River. In the back of a carriage, she looks to her friend filming her and then turns to see the Eiffel Tower.

In Amsterdam, she beats her chest as she stands in the middle of the street. She sits on the “d” within the Amsterdam sign. As a young woman rides his bike, she sits with her back towards, pumping her arms.

She dances down a narrow street and then walks to the Eiffel Tower, viewing the silver bursts of light across the imposing gold. On another narrow street, she skips.

Rating: 1/5

Jessie Reyez landed in Paris by chance. A friend of hers invited her on a European trip. He told her it would be the adventure of their lives. Throughout their travel, he keeps his camera focused on her, wanting to see her reaction to the grand landmarks.

However, she’s over it. It seemed better on television and in the movies. She tells her friend that there isn’t anything to do and wants to go back to the hotel. It’s so boring. In the Netherlands, there’s only art and history museums. She taps him on the shoulder, asking to see if he can borrow her some money. There’s a street dealer and she wants to buy some drugs.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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