Video Review: Tevin Campbell “Round & Round”

From the movie, Graffiti Bridge, Tevin puts the boombox on the ground and presses play. outside the Melody Cool club.  The Kid (Prince) turns around to watch. Tevin takes out a handkerchief and wipes his face as he starts to sing.

Tevin asks four men to dance with him and they begin a routine. The Kid stands in the corner, hands in his pocket. A small crowd of people clap as he dances. The Kid nods his head, amazed by the Tevin’s talent. However, he leans against the building and looks away. Melody Cool (Mavis Staples) watches her son’s performance from window.  The Kid circles his finger as he listens.

Tevin takes a thirtysomething woman’s hand and dances with her. As he spins, people move their shoulders and dance in place. At the end of his performance, he picks up money on the ground and goes back inside the club.

Rating: 2/5

Tevin is the future. The Kid is inspired by him and wants to mentor him. Tevin has the ambition and hunger he lost as he became famous. He also reminds him of when he was young and wanted to make music out of passion and need. Business drives The Kid’s decisions now. Each song has high stakes attached to it. Rough edits no longer exist. They either have to work or he faces losing his steady stream of income.

However, as a single scene from Graffiti Bridge, it’s out of context. Without any knowledge of the plot summary, it’s simply Prince giving a young person their first big break. Although Prince may be in his character, he is unable to hide his humbling admiration for Tevin Campbell. Campbell isn’t competition for him and he wants to see him succeed. With unconditional support, Prince lets Campbell have the spotlight.

Director: Prince Year: 1990

Tevin Campbell – Round & Round Video 

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