Video Review: Katrina and the Waves “Walking On Sunshine”

At the London Docklands, Katrina skips and kicks her heels in an abandoned building. In the floor below, Kimberly, Vince and Alex stand together, their hands in the pockets of their trench coats. She knocks on the wall.

The band perform on stage.

The band members hang on the sides of a building while Katrina stands on the ground.

In Hyde Park, Kimberly, Vince and Alex sit on a bench. Katrina passes by them, smiling. Alex covers his mouth with the collar of his jacket. They follow her past Tower Bridge. A band member slides in the mud. They stop to feed the birds bread at Thames.

They enter a dressing room of the concert venue. Katrina changes her shoes and applies blush on her face. Alex puts tape on his fingers. Kimberly combs his hair.

The band continues to perform on stage.

Rating: 2.5/5

It’s freezing in London. Overhead, snow clouds promise an early winter. Katrina, though, bounces inside a building. She received the best news of her life. Her idol was recommended a song she wrote and chose to record it for her new album. The record company asked her if she had more songs and offered her a contract to write. Starting next week, she’s an employee at the record company.

Despite the weather, she walks in her t-shirt and jeans throughout the city. Her friends hold their jackets close to their chests and bury their chins in their collars. However, they do so without complaint. They are thrilled for her and want her enjoy her day.

She saunters into the dressing room and performs with the band. For years, she questioned her career choice, slogging through day jobs, wondering if it was worth it. However, she now has a future in music and can help her band members in turn.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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