Video Review: Shinedown “If You Only Knew”

Hair waving in the wind, Brent looks down to the sidewalk below while standing on the steel frame of a skyscraper in New York City.  A pigeon cocks its head. He walks on the wooden ledge, putting his foot over it, dangles it for a moment before crossing over.

A few floors down, a twentysomething military man smiles to himself. The pigeon flies over to his girlfriend, who is sitting with a pen in her hand and a piece of paper. A fifteen-year-old young woman hugs her boyfriend. A second twentysomething young woman plucks petals from a rose, tossing them over the frame.

Brent hangs on to the one of the posts.

A little girl blows bubbles with her mother. The girlfriend continues to write the letter and folds it up into an airplane. A twentysomething man holds the rose petals in his palm and looks up. He walks to her and opens his hands, letting the rose petals fly. She smiles. The military man catches the letter and reads it. The fifteen-year-old young woman kisses her boyfriend. The little girl closes her eyes.

Brent leans against the pole and closes his eyes.

Rating: 2/5

What’s done is done. Brent knows he can’t go back and say what he meant. His words would be hollow now. The fragile relationship with his girlfriend had been teetering on the edge for months. Their foundation had to be rebuilt in order for them to be a couple again. However, he is not alone.

A fifteen-year-old contemplates telling her crush how she feels. A twentysomething woman writes a letter to her boyfriend in the military, even though she thinks he’s forgotten her. A little girl thinks of her absentee mother. A second twentysomething woman plucks a rose, believing the relationship is over.

Most of the people have lost hope, thinking their moment has come and gone. It’s the military man, with his innocent smile, who waits to hear from his long-lost girlfriend that clings to whatever little he has left. He looks forward to his letters. But after all the things he’s seen, words have become difficult to write. He needs to hear from her.

Director: N/A Year: 2009

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