Video Review: Tweet & Missy Elliott “Oops (Oh My)”

In the middle of the night, sleet falls from grey clouds on a frozen island. The imposing glacial doors open and Tweet enters. The man at the front desk runs her credit card and gives her a room. The bell boy follows behind her.

Another set of imposing glacial doors open and she sits on her bed. She sets her pager on the table. Two dancers, dressed in white outfits, dance in the hallway. In silhouette, she moves her arms behind the changing screen.

In the bathroom, she wears a robe and turns on the shower. A candle burns in an ice votive. After her shower, she dances in front of the fireplace. Dry ice drifts on the floor. Tweet points to the left and Missy Elliott thaws on her throne.

Tweet joins the routine with the dancers in the hallway.

The walls begin to melt. Elliott becomes a block of ice and then dissolves into a puddle. A young man wipes sweat off his face. Tweet continues to dance in her room.

Rating: 1/5

The ice wasn’t holding much longer. Tweet had to find somewhere else to go. She stopped at the hotel and planned to stay for the week. While there, though, her natural urges started to cause the walls to soften. However, it wasn’t only her. People’s homes were beginning to evaporate all over the country due to people expressing their sexuality.

The world was changing and the country wasn’t prepared for it. A majority of other countries had begun building homes out of wood a decade ago after realizing control was impossible. Nonetheless, the United States had doubled down on its strict views, expanded its ice structures and enacted laws regulating behavior. It only hastened the melting.

Unfortunately, people were disappearing. Some of had become frozen as a way to adapt. However, it led to a quick thaw once they felt safe. But their bodies couldn’t adjust back and they became puddles. Tweet, like her generation, have been able to withstand the cold and discovered they have the power to live anew.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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