Video Review: Bebe Rexha & G-Eazy “F.F.F.”

Outside an apartment complex in Los Angeles, a crow caws and flies away. Bebe Rexha, wearing a white bikini, sits in her chair. Standing up, she stares out the window. She has added a lava colored mesh top and plastic apple red coat over her outfit. She leans against her bathroom door wall.

On the floor, she lies on a white blanket wearing the bikini minus the coat and mesh top.

Wearing a crispy orange halter top, she dances against a white background with gray squares punched into it.

G-Eazy and Rexha walk into the parking lot together. Smoke rises from each side of the car ports while she bounces in the middle. She stands in the middle of her rose-red lit apartment. G-Eazy gestures on her chair. She sits on her chair and listens to music.

G-Eazy drives his car with Rexha in the backseat. They are both lit in rose-red in her apartment. Rexha dances between the shelves in a bottle factory. On the other side, G-Eazy leans against a shelf. She knocks over the bottles. Back in her apartment, she drinks some Beluga vodka. She moves between white curtains. In the bottle factory, she pulls the hood of her jacket over her head.

At her apartment, she looks out from her balcony. Clothes fall into her apartment. She and G-Eazy fist bump inside her family room. She lies on the floor with the plastic bottles. In the parking lot, lit in rose-red, she and G-Eazy hold up sparklers.

Rating: 4/5

Bebe Rexha tosses her phone on the floor. Another friend texted her that she couldn’t hang out with her today. She suspects the friend has realized that Rexha isn’t the sort to party with famous people all day long.

After a bit of success, people who used to ignore her started contacting her and asking her how she is. She was flattered at first. However, during lunch, they kept asking about the famous people she knew. They wanted to know about G-Eazy and if he had a girlfriend. Some begged for introductions and selfies. She told them she couldn’t do it.

G-Eazy, though, has become her best friend. They both became popular at the same and can relate to one another. They vent about Los Angeles and some of the people they met. They warn one another about predatory executives and DJ’s. Sometimes, they help each other out with songs. She’d love for her genuine friends to meet G-Eazy. However, she doesn’t know who those people are right now.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2017


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