Video Review: Chris Brown, Future & Young Thug “High End”

On the screen, a message reads “the contents do not inherently convey or praise the any kind of occult…images are to be taken as art.”

A tarantula crawls on a person’s arm. A teal lit Future sits in the backseat of a car while a holographic scarlet lit woman drives him. Flaming waves are cast over the city, filling up the moon and enlarging it.

Inside a warehouse, a holographic Future stomps his feet.The vampires around him mimic his moves. A streak of sunshine yellow light flares in the corner. A male vampire in  a flannel shirt bares his teeth. Some female vampires dance in the center with Chris Brown and Young Thug. A second female vampire bites her victim. Brown begins a dance routine.

Eyes flashing, Brown wakes up in his coffin and rises. In a hallway, he wipes blood off his face. Another person sits in their coffin and looks up at him.

In an electric blue lit bedroom, Young Thug , with a chain around his neck, holds onto a female vampire, who crawls on the floor. Young Thug gives the vampires a command and they fall to the floor. As they start to get up, he shoots them. He holds up the heads of two victims. Brown stumbles near his coffin.

Rating: 3.5/5

Once the moon turns blood red, the monsters of the night are free to roam. The translucent Future rides in the back of his vintage car, heading towards an abandoned warehouse. During the day, his invisibility allows him to do what he pleases. Other than the occasional bump, no one realizes he’s there. At night, though, his body glows and has to hide.

At the warehouse, he stays in the corner. The vampires linger, tempting him to give in to his bitterness and urging him to let his humanity go. But he can’t. He has to atone and find a purpose. He isn’t a murderer.

Brown wakes up, realizing he has superhuman powers. His eyes sting from the harsh light and the scent of flesh gives him an overpowering hunger. He must feed. He has to feed. He stumbles, looking for an exit, ignoring the older person reaching for him and growling.

Young Thug has been a hunter for a long time. He has been trying to clear the warehouse of the monsters for a while but they continue to nest. He has a body count of zombies and vampires in the hundreds. The people who knew, like his friends Future and Brown, have been turned or murdered in some way. He has to avenge their deaths.

Director: Chris Brown & Spiff TV Year: 2017

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