Video Review: Patti LaBelle “New Attitude”

In silhouette, Patti LaBelle walks into the mall and looks around. Viewing the sign of her favorite boutique, she walks up the steps and into the next door. She takes some dresses of the hangers.

The sales clerk puts her finger on her chin, following her as she goes back into the fitting room. The sales clerk frowns and moves the curtain. She comes out of the dressing room wearing a black hat and dress. Three sales clerks dance.

She stands outside the dressing in a second outfit: a white headband, a kimono with Chinese lettering, black belt and black pants.

She walks to the register wearing a black shirt with an open back and orange bow tie and black star printed skirt. She shimmies out the door after paying.

Rating: 5/5

Patti LaBelle hasn’t been shopping for a while. Her current job has been cutting back and she’s been worried. Rumors of have been flying more layoffs are immiment. She has to get out there. However, the numerous job interviews have led to silence.

Then, she got a call. “Patti, you have the job! When can you start?” She cheered to herself. After composing herself, she walked into her boss’ office and gave her two weeks notice. After treating herself to a steak dinner, she decided to go to the mall. There, she tried on several outfits and bought them all.

It felt good. Really good. She thanked the clerks for helping her and walked out with her bags. Seeing the word “sale” at another store next door, she stepped inside and looked at the handbags.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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