Video Review: Tinie Tempah & Nea “Chasing Flies”

In Reading, England, rapper Stoner wears a jacket as he stands in the forest near his home. Inside his two-story home in the suburbs are photos with his family. He lies in bed with girlfriend after the alarm has gone off. They sit up and she rests her head by his chest. She lights up his cigarette and he hands it to her once he has a taken a puff.

Late afternoon, the sun shines into the family room as their friends gather and smoke. She sits on the couch after they have left. That night, they go to the bar. She rubs his hand while they sit at a table. He walks down the sea green lit hallway of the club.

He takes a bath and reaches for the knob. At lunch the next day, he feels for his drink on the table and she puts it in his hand. His eyes flutter while he sleeps in the car. The producer adjusts the control in the recording studio. Stoner bobs his head and raps. He drives home in the early morning. His girlfriend rubs his back.

On a fall day, he and his girlfriend take a walk in the forest. He holds his son in his lap. They have their friends over for dinner. He stands in the sea-green lit hallway. “Still Breathing” is written across the screen.

Rating: 5/5

Emil Nava, in three and a half minutes, glimpses into UK rapper Stoner’s life. According to getreading, he lost sight at age 11 due to meningitis. Despite multiple operations, he wasn’t able to regain it back permanently. He hasn’t ever let his blindness stop him and continued to pursue music as a career. His girlfriend helps him with some daily tasks. However, he’s independent as much as his eyes allow him to be. He’s a father and dedicated to his son. His friends are like family, invited over during the afternoon and for dinner in the week.

Tinie Tempah gives back and puts Stoner in the spotlight. He mentors Stoner and believes in him. The entire world, not only the UK, should be aware of Stoner’s story and learn of his talent. Stoner has gone through so much and deserves a break. It’s something Tempah’s willing to do.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2017

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