Video Review: Corey Hart “Sunglasses At Night”

Corey Hart sleeps at his dining table, leaning back in the chair. He reaches for his sunglasses.

In a jail, several police officers, wearing sunglasses, walk down the hallway. A female police officer (Laurie Brown) puts on her sunglasses. Hart leans against the pipes in the boiler room. He runs down the hallway. As he walks past the cells, he puts his hand up, signalling stop. In a phone booth, he calls for help. He drops the phone as the officers approach. He puts on his sunglasses on and then off as he exits the phone booth.

In his apartment, he dances in his chair, sunglasses appearing on his face.

The female police officer turns her head to right at the sound of footsteps. He stares at his shadow on the wall. A row of people stand by the cells, wearing sunglasses. The female police officer stamps his arrest report. She sifts through the papers as he led down the hallway.

He falls to back into his dining chair.

The officers push him up the steps and place him in the chair. She slams her fists on the table. He put in a cell. In bed, he tosses and turns. He clings to the bars, shaking them as he appeals to the female police officer. She removes her sunglasses. She unlocks the cell and lets him go. The light turns off in his cell, startling him.

Hart continues to sleep in his chair.

Rating: 1/5

Corey Hart is thinking he should really buy the sunglasses he saw at the mall. However, he passed on them. They were a cheaper pair, though and he was afraid people would notice they were off-brand. At work, he sees his peers wearing expensive suits, which he can’t afford. They mutter a hello to him and hand them their mail. To them, he’s a clerk.

Hart really wants to fit in. No matter he goes, he’s dismissed for his discount store attire. The sunglasses could help. He hasn’t made a single purchase in months, paying only his credit cards and other bills. Perhaps he’ll use some of his next check towards a pair. He’ll be cool and like everyone else, which who he wants to be right now.  The anxiety is getting to him, giving him nightmares and he wonders when it will be his turn.

Director: Rob Quartly Year: 1983

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