Video Review: Sam Smith “One Last Song”

On stage at the London Palladium Theater, Sam Smith stands at the microphone. The ballet dancers behind him stay frozen in their positions. Snow falls into the first few rows while the director films.

He walks away from the microphone. The ballet dancers stretch or run through the routine again with their partner. He takes two flights of stairs onto the second floor. On the second floor, a woman practices her pirouette. Several dancers run past a rack of clothes. He turns to see a small orchestra playing in the corner.

He walks up two flights of stairs and leans against the wall. After another flight up stairs, he passes a woman, wearing a silver sequined costumes and a white feather on top of her head. A couple more dancers in silver sequined costumes and a white feather on their heads walk down stairs.

In the lobby, cameras flash as the entrance as two security guards stand at the door. He takes another flight of stairs, pausing at the center. He sits down on the chair and it rolls to the left.  The chair stops and he gets off on the other side. People carrying flowers pass by.

The screen goes dark and he opens the door to the roof. He watches as a group of  dancers practice their routines. He walks away again.

Rating: 4/5

The rehearsal went okay, according to Sam Smith. He missed some of the notes and a few steps. The director assured him that he’s ready and on opening night, he’ll have great reviews. At the word review, his throat turns dry and the words escape his memory. It’s his first leading role in a production and he wants it to go well.

He talks a walk before leaving for the night. A majority of the people have been with the company for years. The dancers can name several productions they have been in and they have told it’s one of the better jobs they’ve had.

In the hallways. the dancers have found spaces to stretch, away from the stage. Some of them he doesn’t know. They are in other shows. A few showgirls from the annual holiday show gossip as they pass him by. He spots a couple of patrons from his show, discussing the director’s style and a group of employees of the company carrying bouquets of flowers to replace the wilted ones by the staircase.

The London Palladium has been in the news lately for nabbing up and coming talent. Paparazzi have been waiting outside the door for a star of another production. He hasn’t seen her yet. Although as he was walking, he hoped to run into her. However, it’s the dancers are the roof who practice in the cold air who inspire him. They don’t care about leading roles. They only want to dance. He wish it was it that simple for him.

Director: N/A Year: 2017


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