Video Review: Jason Derulo & French Montana “Tip Toe”

A mist hovers over the swamp water in the jungle. A young woman, dressed as a tiger, crawls through the bushes. Derulo scans the tops of the bushes for any animals. His friends badger each other behind him. The young woman crosses her leg over her body. His friends, hearing her paws on the ground, run.

Several women (of various animal species) put their heads on Derulo’s body and then begin to dance. Two women, as peacocks, perform en pointe. He and his friends dance.

Derulo folds his hands as he wears a red robe inside a palace. Snow falls as the geishas. also dressed in red, sit in a circle around him. A geisha spins her fan and dances. Derulo performs a routine with the geishas.

Lit in lapis blue, Derulo kneels next to a woman, motioning up and down with his hands, as she shakes her butt.

A woman, painted in a glittering red, moves the gold chain curtain. A naked woman, painted in gold, stands next to Derulo against a wall of bronzed skulls. Derulo blows in a geisha’s ear.

Against the wall of bronzed skulls, French Montana raps while two naked woman, painted in gold, dance beside him. The women sit on gold seats. Derulo and Montana then sit on the seats. Derulo touches a woman’s chin and runs his finger down the naked woman’s back.

In the jungle, a woman crawls over several others who have contorted their bodies. On their golden seats, Montana smiles at Derulo.

Rating: 0/5

In wake of the #MeToo movement, Jason Derulo doubles down, parading around half-naked around and relegating them to submissive animals as he and his male dancers perform.

The woman roar but their claws are defanged in the jungle. Two women, as peacocks, are able to stand out. However, it was likely due to their costume choice of an aqua bra and hot pants with feathers attached to it. With peeved expressions, they wave their feathers like fans at the men. The women who are wild animals, crawl and lurk.

The women painted in gold, though, are placed in the most vulnerable position. One woman keeps her eye on Derulo and blinks. She remains stiff as he runs her finger down her back. The other women remain alert around French Montana. Montana, though, doesn’t meet their gaze and seems uncomfortable even pointing to their butts.

The geishas in the palace, though, are given the most protection. They are fully clothed and able to perform a dance routine. However, Derulo blows into a young woman’s ear and she inches her face away while he gets closer. Her repulsion, despite her face covered by a fan, seems to echo perhaps what some of the women are afraid to say.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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