Video Review: Lil Pump “Gucci Gang”

Lil Pump pulls up to Gucci Gang High in his car and finds a parking spot in the front row. Several students stand on balcony watching him arrive. He walks in the lot, carrying a cup. A young woman stretches out her hair as she poses for a selfie on her cell phone.

In the hallway, he walks by red painted lockers with a tiger roaring next to him. Students begin to walk into school. He smokes his cigar. A lunch lady rolls an After School Care Cart by the picnic tables and hands them to students. Students dance by the entrance of the school. He carries bags of marijuana in the hallway.

Lit in an electric blue with some magenta highlights on his clothes, Lil Pump touches his nose and dances. He tosses the bags on the floor. Two young women call out “hey” as they pass by. Lit in electric blue, he stands on top of a car and smokes.

A young man flirts with the two young women in the hallway. A food fight starts outside at the picnic tables. Lil Pump smashes a pie in the young man’s face. The school librarian scolds him for carrying marijuana. He hits her on the back of the head with the bag.

Lit in electric blue, Lil Pump exhales smoke and presses the cigar to his lips.

Rating: 0/5

Lil Pump has been suspended twice. His principal skimmed his thick folder and told him he won’t have a future if he continues. He’ll be attending a court hearing than a graduation ceremony. Lil Pump scoffed and folded his arms across his chest as he listened to the principal’s attempts to reach him.

His stepfather and mom fight all the time. He’s had to intervene to protect his mother. He sells marijuana to the students at school as a way to make ends meet. Neither of his parents work. His stepfather has gotten fired from every job he’s ever had and his mother has had some odd jobs but nothing steady.

He may get arrested tomorrow. Either way, he didn’t really have a future. Those are for the other kids in the honor classes. He’s scraped by all his life, taking care of his mom when no one else in his family cared. The librarian has kicked him out several times even though he was only looking for a magazine. Like the other adults in the school, she has written him off. She glares at him and has harassed him. However, any reports made by him would be disbelieved due to his reputation. In the meantime, he’ll do what he wants until he flunks out.

Director: Ben Griffin Year: 2017

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