Video Review: Sia “Ho Ho Ho”

Little Sia trudges through a snow drift and discovers an ice castle not far from her house. She opens the door and smiles. She admires the chandelier hanging from the ceiling and the Christmas tree filled with presents. A teddy bear catches her eye and she picks it up.

The Snow Monster growls behind her and she turns around. He screams in his face, raising his arms and she grins. She tickles his neck and at first, he scrunches his face and glowers at her. However, he finds it comforting and sways his arms back and forth. He allows her to sit up on top his head. She loses her balance and he thinks of how they can play safely. He transforms himself into a slide and raises his eyebrows in concern as she rolls to the piano bench.

She hides behind the piano bench and he searches for her underneath the kitchen table. He transforms himself into a shark and finds her. She skates on the floor and he circles around her as a shark.

She turns on the light and he flinches as he touches a switch. He knocks over the lamp and bites on his hand to soothe it. She gives him her gloves, He cheers as he sees the lights brighten up his home. He puts his arm around her as they view his twinkling Christmas tree.

Outside, they connect the electrical cords and watch the multi-colored lights glow on his home. Written in snowflakes, a message reads: “To Be Concluded.”

Rating: 5/5

Christmas is the Snow Monster’s favorite time of year. However, one year he almost melted after getting too close to some lights on someone’s house. It took the joy out of the season for him. Since then, he piled snow on people’s cars as a way to keep winter going and provide security for himself.

The Snow Monster didn’t expect little Sia to become his best friend. He tried to scare her away but she didn’t leave. He didn’t want to get attached to a human, knowing that in April he’ll be liquid again. Each year, it’s a race against time. The Earth is becoming warmer, shortening his life and the Arctic is no longer a reliable haven. He’s going to miss little Sia once winter is over. Hopefully, he’ll return to spend another Christmas with her.

Director: Lior Molcho Year: 2017

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