Video Review: S Club 7 “Natural”

Geese fly over a beach in Malibu, California. Tina, Hannah and Rachel splash their feet at the shore. Bradley catches a football. Rachel and Tina laugh. Bradley, Rachel, Tina, Jo, Joe and Paul perform a dance near the hut on the beach.

Paul and Jon chop some wood. Bradley swings in the hammock. Jo and Rachel dance in the hut. Bradley, Paul and Jon spear fish in the ocean. Jon carries the fish he caught. On the cliff, Tina, Rachel and Hannah wave to the boys.

Underneath the waterfall, Brad touches his abs and Rachel pulls her wet hair back. They continue to dance as the sun sets. Rachel lies on the sand and lets the waves crash into her body. At night, they talk during their campfire.

Rating: 3/5

As S Club 7 landed in California, they marveled at the billboards and pointed out landmarks they had seen on television. Other than a handful of fans, they are able to sightsee unnoticed.

On the beach, Rachel and Tina gossip together about Hannah, noticing that she and Paul are often gone at the same time. Jo tries to talk to Rachel but she shuts her out. Jo spouts off about real friendship while everyone gathers at the hut. Hannah and Paul hold hands underneath the table.

Bradley relaxes on the hammock, thinking of the marijuana in his beach bag. They’ll share it later. They had chipped in for it. For most of the week, they had been in meetings as the American branch of their record company hammered out a strategy to capitalize on their success. It’s their last day before returning to the United Kingdom. Bradley closes his eyes, wishing he could stay.

Director: Andy Morahan Year: 2000

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