Video Review: The Police “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”

A fifteen-year-old girl whispers into her English teacher’s (Sting) ear. The English teacher flips through his blue books on his desk. Stewart and Andy sit at their desks,

In the music room, Sting stands with his arms crossed, wearing a graduation cap and gown with angel wings strapped on his back. He holds a racket. The fifteen-year-old girl talks close to him. The teacher averts his eyes.

Sting, Andy and Stewart dance in the music room.

The teacher watches as the fifteen-year-old girl walks back to her desk. Andy puts a cigarette in his mouth and throws wads of paper at his teacher.

Andy climbs the ladder in the music room.

Andy and Stewart hand in their essay to their teacher. The teacher stands up and drops an essay on his desk. Once he sits down, he unbuttons his shirt and grins as he takes it off.

Sting, Andy and Stewart continue to dance around the music room.

Rating: 4/5

Rumors circulated for years within the community that an English teacher had an affair with a student. Parents were divided. He was a strict, disciplined teacher who set  boundaries. It was the young women who advances were thwarted that were out to get him. There were some parents who requested that their daughters not be in his classes. However, his popularity among the faculty and good looks shielded him from the criticism.

He was fired twenty years later. Another teacher had opened his classroom door and caught him kissing a fifteen-year-old. She reported him to the principal and feared losing her job, though. He had been untouchable for so long and over the years, he had become a polarizing person amongst the faculty. The senior teachers adored him while the new hires were privy to his inappropriate comments.

In the newspaper, which followed his trial, two decades worth of stories were verified by several journalists, forcing the school to enforce its sexual harassment policy and update its code of conduct.

Director: Derek Brubridge Year: 1980

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