Video Review: Deniece Williams “It’s Gonna Take A Miracle”

In a major city, taxis honk as they hurry through traffic. People cross the street on the way to work. On the rooftop of the Nissan building, a billboard promoting Deniece Williams’ new album plays video.

A young woman listens to Williams and waves. A second young woman taps her boyfriend’s arm and points to the billboard. A crowd of people start to watch and talk about what she’s saying.

On stage, Williams performs on a stage with black lettering stating her nickname, Niecy. She walks behind the E, wearing a silver fur-trimmed sweater and black pants. She changes into a red sequined blouse with sheer blue sleeves and red pants. A second Williams walks out from the “E” and begins to perform.

A thirtysomething man tilts his head to see the billboard. A twentysomething man points in his car and gets out to watch the video in the street. At the mailbox, a third young man takes a photo. A carpenter watches from his window and nods with approval.

The billboard returns to the original promotional shot.

Rating: 3.5/5

Static billboards are the norm in the city. Innovations and new technology arrive at a slow pace, months after testing has proven their effectiveness. The citizens have learned to wait and see, settling to read about pilot programs elsewhere.

However, the citizens are amazed to see video playing on their billboards. They ask each other about it. No one knew it was going to happen. A man takes a photo, wanting to record the moment he viewed an upcoming advancement in technology. A second man, while working, believes it’s a good thing and will pave the way for other inventions.

They watch the video all the way through and wait to see if it’ll play again. People go to work, explaining they saw something really cool on the Nissan building and they should take a walk during break if they get a chance.

Director: N/A Year: 1982

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