Video Review: Jade “Don’t Walk Away”

At the park, a young man calls up Jade’s phone number and lets his friend listen to their message. He gives his friend a high-five and shakes his head. A cat sitting on the street watches as Tonya, Joi and Di walk up to the young man.

They lean against a graffiti streaked building.

Tonya runs her hands over her body. A car hops up and down from the bass. People dance in place while they continue their routine.

They dance on the fire escape. Joi slides down the wall.

The young man claps his hands as he dances with Tonya. They reach out with their hands to another young man. Joi puts her arms around a third young man.

A friend drives as they sit and continue to sing.

Rating: 2/5

Tonya, Di and Joi had formed as a vocal group at their performing arts school. As freshmen, they made a pact to get out of their neighborhood. They sang for one of their male best friends, who hung out by his car on the side of the road after school. He was proud of them and bragged about his friends who were in a girl group.

As they dance and perform in their neighborhood, people cheer and clap. Some of their neighbors asked about a meeting they had with a producer. They want to know if they have met anyone famous yet. A few kids wanted their autographs.

In a few months, they will graduate. They have decided to move to Los Angeles. Di has been saving up her tips from the local diner. Tonya has her babysitting money. Joi has managed their money from whatever gigs they have played and has been booking as many shows as possible. They have worked for years to make their dream a reality. They want to take care of their families and let their nephews and nieces have presents at Christmas. Nothing is going to stop them.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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