Video Review: Babyface “For The Cool in You”

In black-and-white, a puddle forms on the floor. Babyface sits in a chair and snaps his fingers. A woman, wearing flapper’s clothing, smokes a long cigarette. Two men behind her dance.

Against a black background, a man plays saxophone. He is outlined with white. Babyface sings at a microphone. Two ice cubes clink in a wine glass.

Against a white background, a man plays a cello while another plays the drums. A third man plays the piano. Two women, wearing flapper’s clothing, snap their fingers. A fan spins by Babyface.

In the black, a ring of smoke curls upwards in the air. The smoke covers Babyface. Ice cubes hit a can. The women dance between the two men. Snow covers the pianist. Babyface points to his right as snow falls.

In black-and-white, the two women press their faces together and wave their fans.

Against the black, patches of snow fall on top of the saxophonist’s head. A blizzard hits the two women and Babyface while he dances. Babyface melts into a puddle.

Rating: 3/5

Babyface, the musicians and the two women are seen shopping in the city after performing. People often gape at them and whisper. Some sheepishly ask for an autograph. They gush about how inspiring they are.

The two women have been featured in national fashion magazines. The musicians have toured with every notable performer and thanked in numerous liner notes. Babyface is in demand.

However, their popularity has also made them isolated from every day life. Assistants help them with mundane tasks and people lick their boots to hang out with them. They are untouchable, throwing their hard-power around once they enter a room. Success is theirs alone. They call the shots and determine the trends.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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