Video Review: Fiona Apple “Paper Bag”

A suitcase sits in the lobby of the hotel. With the lights turned off in the closed bar, she sits at the counter. She turns to face the door and a little boy dances on the counter. Turning back to see the shelves of liquor in the back, a couple little boys dance.

She walks to the dance floor and dozens of little boys perform a routine. She stands in the center and lights turn back on.

Back at the bar, the boys pull themselves up to the ceiling with rope. She swivels in a chair and walks by the booths. A little boy dances with her. She joins in their routine. The boys bump into her as she tries to get her suitcase.

At the bar, the boys drink from their cups while she walks behind the counter.

She reaches for her suitcase but a little boy hands it to her. With one last look, she leaves the hotel.

Rating: 5/5

Someday, each little boy will become involved with a troubled young woman like Fiona Apple. Innocent and full of life, they ask her what’s it like being on her own. A few tell her about their elementary school relationships. One even tells her she’s pretty.

However, each little boy will hurt a young woman, breaking her with their cold words. They’ll blame their girlfriends for not being able to make them happy. They’ll muddle words of consent and spread rumors. It will be a few short years and their point of view about her will change.

She leaves the boys and heads out on her own. They no longer need her. However, she didn’t want to go. Some reminded her of kid versions of several boyfriends she had before the world corrupted them. They were good to her and listened to her. Opening the door to the adults scare her.

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson Year: 2000

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