Video Review: Foster The People “Sit Next To Me”

While on break, Mark posts some concert footage his band’s Instagram feed. People dance. The band sightsees before performing.

Mark pauses at Elena Kulikova’s latest work and watches the woman from breadfaceblog smash her face into a stack of bread. Jessy Cain posts an inspirational meme. Global Citizen talks about a football player kneeling. Human Rights Watch informs people not to take their rights for granted. Fuckjerry makes an Instagram joke. He likes a story by Vaping Everywhere and views franknitty3000’s art.

Mandible Claw performs a trick on his skateboard at night. Samsung Mobile USA encourages people to dream. Richiethebarber juggles in Los Angeles. Yasmine Kittles mocks makeup tutorials. A fan, Justin Osinowo, listens to the band in his car. Ariweinkle posts a figure unraveling. Lo lands wears a white t-shirt saying “alright alright alright.”

Bangersaustin promote their latest event. Mark likes a post from a fan dancing to their music. Ian Eastwood turns his family room into a dancefloor. Bella Thorne dances. In another post, Richiethebarber waves goodbye.

Rating: 5/5

Mark Foster, like a millions of others, is active on Instagram. He wants the fans who may not have been able to attend their shows to experience it. He also likes to see people having a good time and relaxing while listening to their music.

However, his main interest is in art. He follows photographers and artists, preferring those who specialize in 3-D. However, sometimes finds himself rewatching and sharing videos of breadfaceblog’s latest face smash. Aside from the unusual, there’s also some humor: an ironic tutorial and fuckjerry’s witty memes.

He worries about the United States and stays up to date about current events with Human Rights Watch and Global Citizen. He uses his feed to find recipes and learn about his preferred phone brand, Samsung.

A mix of recommended accounts, friends and personal favorites, Mark is an everyday user, peeking into another person’s life for a few minutes.

Directors: Fourclops & Brinton Bryan Year: 2017

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