Video Review: Marshmello & Anne-Marie “Friends (Version 2)”

At a cardinal red neon “O.” Marshmello stares at his reflection and sits inside while Anne-Marie sings by the “‘X.”

Anne-Marie walks inside a children’s room. However, the bed and dresser are glued to the ceiling.

Anne-Marie, sitting in a canary yellow bathtub with shelves of thousands of rubber duckies, waves her finger.

Nestled in a garden of daisies (with some growing in the ceiling), she points.

Marshmello walks into the children’s room and stares at the ceiling. He pops up in the daisy field. In the bathtub, he plays with the rubber duckies and pets them.

Anne-Marie opens the crystal clear door inside a dome and watches as the pastel confetti flies.

Marshmello throws a rubbie duckie. Anne-Marie catches it. He walks down a white hallway. A sunny yellow neon “Happy” directs him to a door and enters the dome with Anne-Marie.

Rating: 1/5

The clear dome with pastel confetti is a continuous celebration of birthdays, special occasions and personal wins. Anne-Marie enters and she gets nostalgic. It brings her back to her childhood of birthdays in elementary school with all her friends and playing in the jungle gym inside the fast food restaurant.

Without the sunlight in the daisy field, though, Anne-Marie wants to be left alone. Although the daisies resist the darkness and continue to grow, Anne-Marie gives into it. She can view the daisies but can’t appreciate the detail.

The restrained “X” and “O” neon signs make Anne-Marie want to dance until she loses her breath. She craves an amaretto sour and wishes she could request her favorite remixes.

The upside down children’s room, though, is strange. The pink tube in the middle seems to be out of a game. Neither Anne-Marie or Marshmello know what to make of it. Is it a riddle or philosophical question? Is it judging emotional responses? Marshmello gives it some thought. However, Anne-Marie pretends it’s normal.

The rubber duckie room, though, signals adulthood for Anne-Marie. With a house, there’s mortgage payments, utility bills and taxes to pay. She lives with her boyfriend and wonders if she may be pregnant. She’s in the next chapter of her life, even though she believes she’s not ready yet.

Director: N/A Year: 2018


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