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Video Review: Lisa Marie Presley “Lights Out”

A spotlight hovers on a clapboard stating it’s for Lisa Marie Presley’s video. In a cylinder, flourescent lights up behind Presley. With the wind machine blowing wisps of her across her face, she sings. A collage of photos cover a wall. Next, she sings against a flashing a rusty yellow and orange background. She drops the microphone and with the […]

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Video Review: Chris Brown “Questions”

Parisian blue question marks fill the screen. Against a candy red background, a young woman twirls her ponytail. Chris Brown stands with several other male dancers against a lime green background. With the screen changed to black, he puts his fingers to lips. A group of women dance against a lapis blue background. Another young woman rubs her leg behind […]

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Video Review: Kenny Chesney “All The Pretty Girls”

A young woman brushes her brunette hair and puts on hoop earrings. Barefoot, she runs down her stairs after hearing the doorbell. She welcomes her two best girl friends inside.  They load up her trunk with camping gear and make their first stop at the gas station. At the gas station, a young man in glasses spots the brunette woman […]

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Video Review: Hey Violet “Hoodie”

Rena walks inside the family room, viewing the film playing the over the wall. In flashback, her hands touch the chalk white sand. A car pulls up by the curb of her home. In the bathroom mirror, she closes her eyes and stares up at the ceiling. During the flashback, she and her boyfriend place their hands in the ocean, […]

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Video Review: Brian McKnight “Anytime”

Brian McKnight walks into his apartment building. As he closes the door behind him, the security camera swivels to the next corner. He opens the door to his piano room and leans against the wall. Stretching out on a black couch, he taps his finger in the air and places it by his neck. His ex-girlfriend drives in the city. […]

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Video Review: Sheila E. “Sister Fate”

Sheila E. in a funereal hat, with black lace attached to the side and a long, circular patterned coat, frowns by the wall of a castle. In the courtyard, between several columns, she and her band perform. Lit in royal blue, a young woman giggles as a man whispers in her ear. While wearing the funereal hat and patterned coat, […]

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Video Review: Kesha “Rainbow”

At Capitol Studios, the pianist talks to a background singer. A woman, in her chair, reaches down on the floor for her French horn. Kesha walks in, turning her head from left and right. She introduces herself to the woman who plays the French horn and shakes her hand. A photographer takes a photo of the director. In a group, […]

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Video Review: Fifth Harmony “Angel”

Lit in French blue, a young man sleeps in his bed. Lights turn on and of in his room. A film reel shows Normani flinging her hair against a violet background. In a hallway, red lights flash. Normani, Lauren, Ally Brooke and Dinah stand in a family room, lit in sea foam green. Ally Brooke leans against a wall. The […]

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Video Review: Nick Fradiani “All On You”

In black-and-white, Nick Fradiani walks into Lyric Hall Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut, carrying his guitar. He steps on stage, opens his guitar case and sits on a stool. He starts to play the guitar as the camera peeks from the balcony and backstage. At one point, the camera peers through a column. Fradiani closes his eyes and shifts in […]

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Video Review: Britney Spears “Circus”

Backstage, at her vanity, Britney Spears spritzes some Curious on her neck and opens the case of Bulgari jewelry. She puts fastens the earrings and fluffs her hair in the mirror. On stage, doves fly out of a top hat. She stands in front of the audience, holding her hat to her face. She lowers the hat over her nude bodysuit. […]