Video Review: Ke$ha "Tik Tok"

Video Review: Ke$ha “TiK ToK”

Ke$ha, nestled in the bathtub, wakes up in haze and moves her feet back inside. She puts her hand on the bathtub and keeps her eyes level, looking to see if she is really alone. Seeing that it’s safe, she hops on top of the tub. The cold floor barely stings underneath her feet as she picks up a random toothbrush and brushes her teeth. After freshening up, she picks up her boot and finds her jacket on the floor. A picture frame of a wholesome family falls onto the floor and she grimaces.

She stops on the staircase and puts on her other boot, completing her thrown on, strip mall chic outfit. On the way to the door, she walks into the family having breakfast. The mother, scandalized by Ke$ha’s presence, drops the plate of freshly made pancakes onto the floor. Ke$ha shrugs and leaves. The children, however, run out of the house and follow her, as she rides on a gold-plated bicycle. The children have their boombox out, listening to music. They ask if they can please, please play with her bike, it’s so cool. She tells them yes and waits for her friends at the gas station.

A sleazy guy (Simon Rex) in mid 70s attire pulls up and Ke$ha holds onto her stomach, trying not heave. As they drive around, she flirts with him and touches his face. Until the police stop them and she gets handcuffed. He laughs at her, glad that it’s not him. She gets off, though, and they continue to drive to the party.

She enters the party, wearing a sequined shrug. Dancing her through the crowd, she says hello and plays some beer pong. The floor is littered with gold confetti and red plastic cups. The American flag hangs in the corner. A random older guy embraces her on the couch. She giggles and snuggles herself inside another bathtub.

Rating: 3.5/5

The children wave to Ke$ha as she walks up to her driveway. They ask her if she wants to play. The little girl compliments her on the clothes. She says thank you but she can’t play. She says she has a headache. They tell her to feel better. Their mother calls for them to come inside. She tells them bye.

The children’s mother goes up to her and tells her she is not to talk to them ever again. She says she’s a bad influence and that she doesn’t want her children around any wasted drunks. Ke$ha says it won’t happen again and apologizes for yesterday. The door must’ve been open and she thought it was her house. The mother says it doesn’t matter. Ke$ha tells her she needs drink a bottle of wine with her and relax.

Ke$ha’s mom eyebrows raise as she walks in the door, barefoot. “What the hell happened to you?” Ke$ha responds, “same thing that happened to you.” She takes the flask out of her purse and sips from it as she walks upstairs to her room. She texts her friends as she sits on her bed. Setting her alarm for 6 p.m., she closes the blinds and falls asleep on the bed.

    Director: Syndrome Year: 2009



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