Video Review: Justin Timberlake “TKO”

Speeding down a dirt road, a young woman (Riley Keough) drives, her eyes focused on the road. Tied to the hitch of her pick-up by one leg is a unconcious Justin Timberlake. After about an hour, he wakes up. Fear flashes across his face. Occasionally, she looks in the rearview mirror to see if anyone is behind her. Otherwise, she carries on ignoring the weight Timberlake is pulling on her truck.

She sits on the couch, reading a magazine. As she flips the pages, Timberlake stands into the kitchen, waiting to see if she will acknowledge him. She moves to the dinner table, her legs crossed in the chair. She has a faraway look in her eyes that Timberlake can’t read.

Leaving Timberlake’s probing gaze, she climbs the stairs and lifts her hair up, preparing for a shower. After her shower, she goes back downstairs. Timberlake is sitting on the couch and she rests her head on his lap. She cuddles next to him and they look into each other’s eyes while he touches her chin. He kisses her hair while rubbing her back, hoping she will tell him what’s wrong.

She approaches Timberlake while he sits on the recliner. He reaches under her blouse, feeling her back. She crosses her legs onto his lap. He leans in for a kiss but she pulls his head back instead. When she returns his head back to face her, his expression changes from confusion to anger. In the kitchen, she argues with him. Timberlake stands in the corner, saying nothing. It’s hopeless at this point. She shoves him and continues to yell. Defeated, he puts his head down. There is no reasoning with her.

She apologizes to him. After staring at each other, he pulls her body up on the kitchen counter. They begin to have sex. After finishing, they touch heads. Timberlake turns his back towards her and adjusts his belt. She gets a frying back and hits him in the head with it. He is splayed across the floor, unmoving. She takes a bite of a breadstick.

As she nears the cliff, her mouth wavers. She really did love him. However, what is done is done. She opens the driver’s side door and gets out. As she rolls around in the dirt, an image of him pops into her mind. Timberlake, seeing her, reaches for her hand. She does nothing but watch the pick-up truck go over the cliff.


Rating: 5/5

The suspense builds while he hangs onto the truck for dear life. Maybe someone will stop. Maybe she will change her mind. However, none of that happens and he plummets to his death.

The tension between them is chilling. Someone was going to snap. However, it seems that would have been Timberlake. He’s trying and still has some affection for her. But he has clearly checked out. Their arguments have exhausted him. But it ends up being the girlfriend. Hints were thrown, though. She stares off into nothing, manipulative and paying attention to him as though he were an object.

Watching her barrel down the dirt road, eyes gleaming with spite and hatred, and then trying to hold back tears at the last second are powerful. There’s something human inside her somewhere but she would rather give in to her murderous instincts.

    Director: Ryan Richenfeld  Year: 2013

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