Video Review: Adele “Hello”

From the rain-streaked window, made dreary from the sepia-toned aesthetic, it focuses to view Adele driving down the street. While in the forest, she is talking on a flip phone with someone. However, she can’t hear the person. There is hardly any signal.

The door creaks as she enters her house. She pauses, taking in the loneliness. She takes the covers of the window and the furniture, the dust falls like snow around the room. She closes her eyes, tilts her head and breathes, preparing herself. She opens her eyes and finally deals with the reality: she and her boyfriend are over.

She lights a match on the stove and makes herself some tea. As she sips the tea, she looks outside the window, thinking of her of her ex-boyfriend (Tristan Wilds) He would laughs, and then run into another room. Adele steps into the room. It’s as how she left it. Papers are strewn on the desk. She picks up the phone and calls again. She tells her younger self not to be insecure and to let it go.

In the pouring rain, he walks away. With closed eyes, she sighs, trying not the emotion of the moment to get to her. He used to like make dinner for her. He was always trying to get her to try new things. In the forest, she thinks of what she could’ve been.

While getting ready for bed, he would joke with her. He had a fantastic smile and he would talk about how he felt about things with passion. Adele gives the camera a broken look. She made a mistake.

She would love to hold his face with both her hands. She contemplates what she should do. However, she sees him walking away from her in the rain again and calls herself.

A telephone booth, entwined with vines, is outside with its door ajar. The phone hangs upside down, off the hook, its dial tone still working. He sits on their bed, staring at the floor, folding and unfolding his hands. In the forest, she wonders what he is doing now. He tells her to stop and to let him explain. But she wouldn’t let him. She sits at the bottom of the steps. She should’ve let him talk.

On the phone, she cries, telling herself not to give up. She has to get away from the house for a while. She avoids looking at it while she walks from it. He raises his hand up to her, telling her to get away from him. She tries to get him to stay. He tells her that she’s not listening. She puts her hand to her mouth, turning away from the camera. It’s too much. While on the phone with herself, she says what she should’ve said. He shakes his head.

A gust of wind blows leaves onto the pond. The cold breeze hits her but she can’t feel it. The custom fur coat seems frayed and salvaged from being thrown at the pool after a catharsis of grief before she returned home. Inside the house, she hangs up the phone and goes to the window. She moves the curtain and watches him leave. Glaring at her, he gives a look of disgust as he listens to her voicemail. She covers her mouth with her coat, hiding her pain.

Rating: 5/5

Adele’s broken look at the camera says it all: she’s damaged by the breakup and coming back home has reopened the wound. The healing hasn’t even started. Tristan Wilds, though, is a revelation. In six minutes, he is able to be joyous, frustrated and finally angry. When he glares at her at the end, it’s clear that he’s done and isn’t coming back.

       Director: Xavier Dolan  Year: 2015

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