Video Review: Adele "Hello"

Video Review: Adele “Hello”

From the rain-streaked window, made dreary from the sepia-toned aesthetic, it focuses to view Adele driving down the street. While in the forest, she is talking on a flip phone with someone.

She enters the house and takes the cover off the window and furniture. She closes her eyes, tilts her head and then opens her eyes.

She lights a match on the stove and makes herself some tea. As she sips the tea, she looks outside the window ad sees her ex-boyfriend. (Tristan Wilds) He laughs and runs into the family room. Adele steps into the room and sifts through the papers strewn on the desk. She picks up the phone and calls.

He walks in the pouring rain.  She takes a deep breath. He cooks some food on the frying pan. She stands in the forest, wearing her coat, and sings.

He sits at the kitchen table with her and laughs.

A telephone booth, entwined with vines, stands outside with its door ajar.  He sits on their bed, staring at the floor, folding and unfolding his hands. They argue in the bedroom. She sits at the bottom of the steps.

She moves the curtain from the window and sees him standing in the driveway. cell phone in his ear. He shakes his head and slams the trunk of his car closed. She covers some of her mouth with her coat.

Rating: 5/5

Adele puts down the phone and sits in the chair. She hadn’t expected her ex-boyfriend to answer. He was cordial as they spoke about the fall and their jobs. She apologized for the way she treated him last summer. She had taken things too far and hadn’t been willing to admit she was wrong. He told her it was okay and he could’ve been less harsh with her.

As she cleans the cabin, she thinks of how bittersweet it was to hear his voice. It was a sound she didn’t think she’d hear again. Her sister sends her a text that she’ll be over in a few hours and asks if she can bring anything. Adele responds that she forget some books back home. Her sister says she’ll find a stack.

Adele puts on her coat and takes a walk in the forest. She looks up at the gray sky and puts her hands in her pockets. It was going to storm sometime. She blinks back tears while she goes over the conversation in her mind. It wasn’t a fresh start. It was the final moment of the end.

       Director: Xavier Dolan  Year: 2015



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