Video Review: Avril Lavigne “Hello Kitty”

Switching between three different segments, Avril Lavigne references Kawaii in Japanese. With four Japanese women behind her, she’s clad in a leather bodice, a 3-D cupcake-laden pink tutu, black garter tights, and baby blue tennis shoes. She and the four Japanese women shrug their shoulders in time with the music.

The next clip shows her walking around Tokyo while in another, she’s in her bedroom, playing her guitar, still earing her cupcake tutu. The cupcakes are huge and can rest comfortably on the guitar. One false move and the cupcake could take out a hand. Or an arm, if they team up. At the candy store, she’s now holding a plush cupcake and wearing baby blue glasses, shuffling to the music. The four Japanese women have joined her in the city as she dances. She passes by a Tower Records store, enjoying her visit. Back in the candy store, she follows the lyric’s command of “someone throw a cupcake at me” and hurls the cupcake toward the camera with a bored expression. She dances a little bit on the street and jams on her guitar again.

The train rolls by Lavigne, she rocks out in her room while in the candy store, she and the Japanese women move only their left knee to the music. She starts to get really into it, thrashing her hair and doing some arm choreography. Back in her bedroom, the colors change from orange, pink and blue two times.

The Japanese women pose as extras while she browses the candy store. It’s wall-to-wall candy, rows and rows up until the ceiling. In case if anyone viewing is interested in buying, the web address is featured behind her.

After she recovers from the sugar coma, she heads to a sushi restaurant. She pours herself some sake. She cheers as the chef makes the sushi for her. Then, with the Japanese women behind her, she walks through Tokyo, waving to her fans with a tight smile. She takes a photo with the four women. Then the video rewinds to previous clips. She says “Meow.”

On the street, she is now being followed by streams of Japanese women. At the candy store, she’s jumping around and has given up on any choreography. While on the walk, she gives the camera a smile then moves her face out of the frame. In the final shot, she gives the camera defensive look, reverting back to her difficult image.

Rating: 1/5

While it’s awesome to see Lavigne cut loose, the way it’s being done is questionable. Despite whatever good intentions she may have had, she does come across as the ugly American. The main issue being, the four Japanese women that accompany her are being used as props. Japan has arcades, gardens and unique dining. However, the brief glimpse the audience gets of country is the candy store.

     Director: Hisashi Kikuchi  Year: 2014


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