Video Revew: Avril Lavigne "Hello Kitty"

Video Review: Avril Lavigne “Hello Kitty”

Avril Lavigne gives the devil horns while walking around Tokyo, Japan.

With four women behind her, she’s clad in a leather bodice, a 3-D cupcake-laden pink tutu, black garter tights, and baby blue tennis shoes at CandyAGoGo.. She and the four women shrug their shoulders as they dance.

She dances around the streets of Tokyo, Japan.

While wearing the cupcake tutu, she plays the guitar in her bedroom.

At the candy store, she holds a plush cupcake and wearing baby blue glasses, shuffling to the music. She hurls the cupcake to the ground.

She dances by four women and passes by a Tower Records store. The train rolls by her.

She and the women perform a routine in the candy store. She browses through the containers and taps the counter. The women dance behind the counter.

At the sushi restaurant, she dances in her seat and pours herself some sake.  she heads to a sushi restaurant.  She watches as the chef makes the sushi and claps as he serves it to her.

In black-and-white, she walks in the city with the four women behind her. She waves to people.

Back in color, she takes a photo with the four women and shows it to them.

She waves and dances in the street while a group of women follow her. She blows a kiss and jumps up and down.

Rating: 2.5/5

Avril Lavigne talks with the cashiers at the candy store. One of the young women let her know they received a shipment in of her favorite candy. She thanks them and asks how they are doing. One of the cashiers says she’s graduating high school soon. Lavigne tells her she has something for her and hands her an envelope. The cashier gives her a hug. Lavigne wants to know when her graduation date is. The cashier responds in about two months. Lavigne says she’ll be gone by then and promises she’ll be back in the fall for her going-away party.

She heads for her favorite sushi restaurant for lunch. The owner greets her and says it’s good to see her again. She says she’s going to be here longer. The owner instructs the server to treat her well. She’s a regular customer and a friend. The chef nods and looks down at her while he cooks.

One of the cashiers texts her, asking if she wants to go to a karoake bar at around 10 p.m. Lavigne says she’ll be able to make but can only stay for an hour or two. She has to work in the morning. She finishes her meal and walks along the downtown area.

Back at the hotel, she waves hello to the staff. As she walks to her room, she sees the extra towels  by the door and grins. The staff know her so well. She sits on the bed and watches  her favorite celebrities answer trivia questions/ A few years ago, she competed one of the shows and donated some money to a local charity. Her eyes start to get heavy and she falls asleep on her bed.

     Director: Hisashi Kikuchi  Year: 2014




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