Video Review: Dream "He Loves U Not"

Video Review: Dream “He Loves U Not”

Lights flash on and off over the Dream logo while the Holly, Melissa, Ashley and Diana do some arm movements in the background while wearing skintight light pink matching outfits.

In the bedroom, Holly, Melissa, Ashley, and Diana dance separately in the bedroom.

Ashley and her boyfriend drive out to the desert. Diana, Holly and Melissa follow with their boyfriends.

They dance in perform a dance on the platform near the bonfire.

In the family room, Diana and Ashley climb the walls while Melissa and Holly lean on the tables.

At the bonfire, their friends join them on the platform.

They finish their routine while wearing the pink matching outfits.


Rating: 1/5

Melissa, Ashley, Holly and Diana are the most feared young women at school. Melissa was considered the prettiest girl, though. Senior boys were asking her out as a freshman. Her first kiss was with a senior football player she met while cheering for the varsity cheer team. They dated for a few months until her parents found out and put a stop to it. However, she went out with him secretly until she found out he was cheating on her. She was hurt for only about a week. A junior boy had asked her out and they’ve been going together for two years.

Diana was the nicest, though. She was friends with everyone. Although she was popular, she didn’t like the pressure of having her friends chosen for her. She liked a quiet sophomore boy in her class. Although she was with a junior football player, she liked him as a friend. However, she was afraid of her how it would affect her friendship with Melissa.

Holly was the most well-dressed young woman in school. Her parents had a family company, which made them millions in a year. After high school, it was expected that she was going to intern at her father’s company. However, she was planning to run away to New York with her boyfriend to go to fashion design school.

Ashley, though, was a bit unstable. She threatened the freshman and other sophomore young women of flirting with her friend’s boyfriends. She often relayed the information back to her friends, which often started fights in the hallway. She must’ve ended multiple friendships the other girls had. She figured she was looking out for them, though. Their classmates had to know not to mess with them. She was thinking of turning the other girls against Diana. Diana was becoming friends with some people who clearly couldn’t afford department store clothing. It was making their group look bad.

      Director: Marcus Raboy  Year: 2000



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