Video Review:  Rihanna “Kiss It Better”

A sheet turned gray by the black-and-white aesthetic, blows furiously from an unseen wind. Dice roll back and forth, then multiply as Rihanna stays covered. Finally, she takes the sheet off her body, which is obscured by the pitch black background.

She contorts herself as the camera focuses on her broken expression. The camera lingers to her legs and back to her head, which she throws back into the air. She lets her hair fall around her face and composes herself. The camera returns to her legs, tempting to go even further with the lens to other parts of her body.


In a pinstripe jacket, she crawls on the floor and then pushes her body up in the air, hands and feet on the floor. She remains in the position and floats, nearing the middle of the screen. Rihanna, with her back towards the camera, puts her pinstripe jacket back on, refusing to let anyone have a look.


After touching her face with both her hands, she eventually removes the coat, revealing the lingerie and jewelry underneath. She plays with her straps, considering whether she should take it off, and then only lets the straps fall to her forearms. She thrusts her pelvis into the air. With her back towards the camera again, she takes off the lingerie, leaving the jewelry. She moves through various poses and disappears into the ether. However, she finds the pinstripe jacket again and covers herself on and off.

With her hands, she touches her chest and then looks away from the camera with a somber look. With her hand, she reaches for her now bare back. A forlorn expression crosses her face. Without giving the camera a final glance, she walks into the unknown


   Rating: 5/5.

Rihanna has an intensity and an edge to her a majority of pop stars lack. She’s fearless and will take chances. She will go topless, which for most pop stars would signal desperation. It’s tasteful and not presented as a shock, either. Her nipples are treated like any other part of her body being filmed.

     Director: Craig McDean Year: 2016


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