Video Review: Meghan Trainor "All About The Bass"

Video Review: Meghan Trainor “All About That Bass”

Behind a lavender background, Meghan Trainor, in a sky blue dipped hem blouse, a pink bow around her head, and lace up high heel shoes, starts to sing. Sione Maraschino starts to dance in his own segment. Against a pink background, Trainor is sitting in a chair with her dancers around her, wearing a rose crown.

The Skinny Girl watches in disgust as one of Trainor’s dancers shakes her butt right in her face.

In a child’s bedroom, she watches as her friends have a pillow fight.

Three girls are wearing Sia-inspired platinum blonde wigs, their bangs hiding their eyes. Another clip shows Skinny Girl photoshopped to have more curves. Maraschino dances with the Skinny Girl. Skinny Girl blows him off.

Two girls play in their room with a dollhouse. Trainor and her Ken doll  husband sit across from each other at the kitchen table. The three Sia-girls return and do their choreography. She and her other dancers perform the Robot. Her husband and Trainor are revealed to be made of plastic. The girls play with their dolls again. Maraschino keeps on dancing, much to Skinny Girl’s chagrin. Skinny Girl gets her own chance in the spotlight and tries to be sexy.

Maraschino dances alone again in the lavender background. A three-tiered cupcake tray sits on a table. Trainor returns to the children’s bedroom, sitting next to the dollhouse. Skinny Girl and Trainor’s dancer face off yet again. But this time, Trainor’s dancer knocks her away with her butt. Skinny Girl flies away, nearly falling. Every danceer has their solo moment.

Lying on cotton candy colored lace, she moves suggestively. Skinny Girl learns to appreciate Trainor’s dancer. The Ken-like husband never moves. The two girls start to dance in their bedroom. The dancers see themselves on “Bass Magazine.” Skinny Girl joins in on the fun with Trainor’s dancer. Trainor’s dancers sit on children’s bicycles. Maraschino does the splits. She continues to perform the routine with the dancers against the lavender background.  Maraschino and Skinny Girl become friends.

 Rating: 1.5/5

Meghan Trainor ties the bow in her hair and puts on her favorite pink dress. Her parents tell she’s beautiful and she’ll find a wonderful husband someday. However, as a teenager, they didn’t allow her to date or let her go away to college. She’s never tried a drink in her life. She has a few friends, though, she sees every once in a while. Her parents don’t like them, though. They think they are mean to her. But she has always been aware of her size, though and it made her dislike people.

While at the mall, she and her friends make fun of a slender young woman trying on jeans. One of her friends say “something smells. I think it’s the slender young woman.” The slender young woman turns around and gives them the finger. One of her friends threaten the slender young woman. The slender young woman walks away. Her friend shakes her head and says it was too easy.

Trainor sits in her room and plays with her dollhouse. She imagines her the married couple are she and her crush. She’s been asked out on dates. On the dates, she tries to please them and responds she likes the same things as them, even if she can’t stand it. She really wants a boyfriend. However, her crush likes the slender young woman. No one will ever like her for who she is.

     Director: Fatima Robinson Year: 2014

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