Video Review; Taylor Swift "Blank Space"

Video Review: Taylor Swift “Blank Space”

A young man drives up to the Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York, in his Shelby Cobra. Taylor Swift waits upstairs for him, wearing La Perla lingerie and holding her cat.  Two white horses stand by the bed.

Swift walks down the staircase, wearing an Elie Saab gown, and gives him her hand. They sit across the dinner table and raise their wine glasses to each other. Swift has changed into a Jenny Packham gown. They dance in the ballroom and rides their bikes in the family. He sits for her as she paints a portrait of him.

They walk their Dobermans and ride their horses. He chases her as she holds the bottom of her gown in the garden. In an Oscar De La Renta gown, she hangs up the portrait of him in the hallway. She etches Taylor + Sean in the tree while he stands next to her.

As he texts, she rests her head on his knee. She pops a candy heart on her tongue. Sitting up, she takes off her sunglasses and shakes her head at him as texts. In the family room, she throws a vase at his head and puts her hands on both his cheeks.

Wearing a Naeem Khan swimsuit, she waves to him and tosses the phone into the fountain and stabs the painting that she made of him. In the bedroom, she cuts up his shirts. He holds up one of the shredded shirts and realizes the one he’s wearing has a hole in the nipples. He watches as she throws his clothes from the balcony.

She holds a red apple in her hands and spins it on her finger. He sees the defaced portrait and she takes a bite out of the apple.

Back in the La Perla lingerie, she holds a knife while sitting in bed.

Wearing a Kate Ermilio outfit, she smashes his headlights with a golf club. He calls out “No!” He lies unconcious beneath her in the driveway. She kisses him awake. He drives out of her driveway. A second young pulls up in her driveway.

Rating: 3/5

Taylor Swift shouts at her family she doesn’t need any help. Her mother cries and says she’s so sorry. Her father pats her on the back and tells her “come on, honey.” She says she still has her knife and lets out a maniacal laugh. The doctor sticks a needle in her and she lies limp on her father’s arm.

Her parents visit Swift’s last ex-boyfriend in the hospital. They bring him some flowers and ask if he’s okay. Her ex-boyfriend says he’s not going to drop the charges. They can’t buy him off like the others. His parents tell him to feel better. In the lobby, they whisper they have to do something. Their vast amount of wealth has allowed them to cover up her past episodes. The news of their daughter’s attempted murder could destroy their company.

She flirts with her therapist and winks that she could make him rich. She says the her daddy takes care of everything. They could get out of here and live in her mansion. She says he could have whatever he wants. Her therapist raises his eyebrows and says she’s being inappropriate. She shakes her finger and insists that she’s a good girl.

As her parents drive her home, they rush to walk on the lawn to get past the reporters. Her parents yell “no comment” and she wails at the reporters to leave her alone. Her mother tucks her in bed. Downstairs, her father watches the news and gets a report that the stock price of his company had dropped.

     Director: Joseph Kahn  Year: 2014




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