Video Review: Toni Braxton "Un-Break My Heart"

Video Review: Toni Braxton “Un-Break My Heart”

On the driveway, Toni Braxton flips through the mail. Her boyfriend (Tyson Beckford), revs up his motorcycle. She waves him as he drives away. She hears tires screech and a bang. Meanwhile, it’s shown that her boyfriend was involved in an accident and he was thrown from the motorcycle, over the person’s car and onto the ground. She runs toward the sound and races towards him. She lifts his head up but his limp body does nothing. She wails.

Dressed in a black robe, she remains inside the house, too inconsolable to leave. She remembers how he used to do yoga in their backyard. He also used to give her little kisses on her face and hold her. In the hallway, she thinks of how much he used to love to swim. Now, she has no reason to open the pool again. They used to spend hours outside together. She can still see him walk through the halls in his favorite outfit.

He worked out and was a muscular man. She used to like shave him every once in a while. He would joke but he would always smile at her. Their favorite game was Twister. He would like to play drums, too. She would sneak in and ask if she could play. She was terrible and he would try to show her. Now, the drums sit there, silent.

In the shower, she lets the water run and thinks of the times they made love in there. She cries against the wall. She sits in the house and stares at the photographs of him.

In an iconic Tom Ford dress, she performs on stage with tears in her eyes.

Rating: 3/5

Her boyfriend had taken the classes and passed every test. He wore his helmet. Toni Braxton realized he was safe. She no longer worried about him on the road. Their fights about him getting the motorcycle seemed to be an overreaction to her. But once she heard the bang, she knew. It was him. All the air went out of her body.

They were to be married in a few months. She received the tickets for the honeymoon in the mail a week after his death and falls apart. Their favorite game, Twister was ripped into pieces. Vases were broken. Her sister found her in the kitchen with bloodied cuts on her hands. Her sister stayed with her for a while. Her mother urged her to get help or go to a support group.

She wanted to listen to music all day. It was the only thing that reminded her she was alive. She wrote songs while her sister helped around the house. Her sister had listened to her sing a song she wrote and broke down in tears. She told her she has to get it published.

She sent the demo to other singers. However, they passed, stating they couldn’t connect to it. Her manager told her she should record it herself. While talking with radio DJ’s, she spoke of her boyfriend who inspired the song. The song became an instant hit. Performing it on stage on night, though, has been grueling. The memories flood back and every night, it’s as though he dies again.

    Director: Billie Woodruff  Year: 1996



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