Video Review: Adele “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”

Against a black background, Adele stands still, her arms around her waist, wearing a Dolce and Gabbana floral dress, with a winding, overgrown rose pattern The camera pushes in as she gains a second face. The second face blurs, becomes a shadow behind her, and returns back inside to Adele. Although Adele tries to resist, the shadow becomes as big as her. Four shadows of Adele then form as they do a choreographed dance with their arms.

Adele fights the host as she is able tie them back into her. But it’s only temporary. Her image blurs again and the shadow forms again, imitating Adele’s movements. With a teal outline, four of them spring up again and take over Adele’s body. The human Adele still exists, though. She is the only one not in color. The host then turns a fiery red and then a sun-lit yellow once the shadows enveloping her. The first major shadow claims the screen.

Adele, though, continues to attack the host. The shadows become smaller and smaller. However, it was a trick. It was to allow the original shadow to be as the same size as Adele. There are so many roses in her dress, perhaps the host originated as a bug, confusing Adele for a plant.

Close to a dozen shadows of Adele twirl and swing their dresses. After the shadows dance, they go back inside Adele, Adele stands stone-faced, ready to follow the orders of the host to start the apocalypse.


Rating: 0/5

While the intent may have been to be artful, the end result is a science fiction b-movie where a battle between humans and an alien race ensue. The movie ends, having shown the alien race won to teach everyone a lesson.

    Director: Patrick Daughters   Year: 2016

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