Video Review: Alessia Cara “Here”

Alessia Cara walks up to the purple-lit house and notices right away how huge it is. Once inside, though, she wishes she wouldn’t have listened to her friends. In the living room, a guy is throwing chips in the air. She almost knocked over a picture frame on the fireplace in order to stop herself from getting splashed with beer.

She moves to the front door and finds herself in the middle of a couple fighting. The girl has put her hand up in air to her boyfriend’s face and she walks away, looking for another safe place. She passes by a couple of guys playing poker and coughs from the marijuana smoke. As she enters the family room, she bumps into some people dancing and tries to avoid the keg stand. She hangs by, watching, wondering why she even came.

A couple of kids from school wave to her and begin to talk to her. They ask how she is, what did she think of the test yesterday. She shrinks, not knowing what to say. She wonders where her friends are. She wishes it could be just all of them instead.

In the kitchen, she hears the most popular girl giggle and make fun some of her friends. Why do her friends want to associate with this girl? She doesn’t want any part of the popular girl and moves back to the living room. The other guy, with red cup filled in hand, searches for a bowl. She talks a bit more with some acquaintances from school but then heads back to the kitchen. The popular girl is now discussing which guys she has slept with. That’s it. She walks out of the party and to her friend’s car.

Fifteen minutes later, no one shows up. Feeling weird standing outside by herself, she goes back inside into the family room waits for her friends by the television. Finally, she decides to walk home.


Rating: 4.5/5

Cara is still growing into herself. Her friends encouraged her to come to the party but drinking and mingling isn’t her thing. Having fun for her is a Netflix and chill night with her best friends. Aaron A wants to people feel the alienation in their bones by having the people frozen while Cara walks by, observing them. When Cara’s social anxiety kicks into high gear, there is the subtle cut to another room. The video serves as a companion to the song and wants to be something of substance.

    Director: Aaron A  Year: 2015

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