Video Review: Justin Timberlake “Can’t Stop The Feeling!”

At Cindy’s Coffee Shop, Justin Timberlake starts to bopping his head over the music playing the diner. Paloma, his server, shuffles her legs and moves her arms a bit. Stevie, at Hubert Barbershop, rolls his body forward some. In the Highland Laundromat, Cristy has her own routine going. At the car wash, Galen moves his arms around as though he’s shielding himself some danger outside of Silverlake Car Wash. Philip, at Venus Art & Flowers, has decided to go for the arm and hand movements. Back at Cindy’s Coffee Shop, the cook puts up an order up of the turkey club sandwich, big enough to fill a hungry dancer or two.

Meanwhile, at the barbershop, Stevie has gotten over his shyness and is full out dancing. Outside her garage, Sara points to an invisible audience. At Field’s Market, Dennis plays with his price gun in the middle of the frozen foods and cookie aisle. Timberlake though, is backing him up on the book and greeting card aisle. By now, the Dennis has completely stopped working and is dancing in the center of the aisle. Sara is doing arm movements by her porch. Philip is jumping up and down, cheering.

Glaze is poured onto the doughuts and put in to bake. Outside Randy’s Donuts, Galen crossing his arms back and forth. Cristy is smiling, full of energy, and doing a skipping dance. Dennis punches the air with his hands. Maceo breaks down at an apartment building. Timberlake throws down the box of cereal with a graceful air. At the car wash, Dave is moving his one arm around is a big, giant circle. At the grocery store, Timberlake goes around the pole and back to his cart. He puts his feet on edges of the cart and speeds down the rest of the cereal aisle.

After putting his groceries away, Timberlake uses the camera to check out his hair. Richard, a truck driver, pumps his arms and then his arms in front of him, as though he’s scared. Timberlake does a floating, ballet move and stands sideways. At ETS Electronics, John moves his arms around, brushing the hair away from his face with flair. In the background, an angry blue animated troll dances on several of the televisions. Galen is doing a slow, out of breath dance. John puts his legs in a v and bends down. Timberlake pops up from his cart.

Lev, a little kid staying at the Hollywood Premiere Hotel, dances by the pool. Timberlake claps both his hands over his hand in the parking lot. The little kid does the Robot. Cazzey, the mechanic at Bernie’s Transmissions, is out on a break. He holds onto his belt and makes tiny jumps. Jonah, the executive, is having too much fun. Somebody bring him a glass of water. Timberlake uses a banana as a microphone and lets his cart go as he goes around the pole again. Dennis punches the air with his hands over his head. Cristy gets her laundry out and whips her head around. Timberlake spins outside the parking lot and encounters a floating one-legged air dancer. At the restrurant, he uses the knife and fork to keep in time with the music. He eventually has a dance off with the with an inflatable one-legged air dancer. The inflatable air dancer brings its A-game and Timberlake has to concede.

Underneath the train, everyone featured dances with Timberlake. Timberlake does the running man by his car and an extra smooth move while he pursues the vegetables. An older, purple animated troll shakes her butt in a clip shown on the television. Timberlake cheers on the little kid. Timberlake “oohs” and grins.

Credits for the dancers roll and everyone gets one last moment in the spotlight.


Rating: 4.5/5

Timberlake is a big, slap-happy goof. He’s like a little kid in the grocery store, making funny faces and playing with the cart. Dancing nonchalantly among the vegetables is Timberlake at his most comedic.

The movie tie-in to “Trolls” is gently added into the video. It’s only seen in the electronics store, playing over the screens, which happens daily no matter where people shop.

    Director: Mark Romanek Year: 2016


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