Video Review: Drake “Hotline Bling”

Over a water cooler, women can be heard talking in the background. A young woman, dressed in jeans and a top, gets a cup of water and returns to her cubicle. In the call center, women are answering customers’ questions. One woman, in particular, rolls her eyes as the customer drones on and on in her ear.

From some distance away, Drake stands in the center of a mustard-yellow rectangle. The camera pulls in closer, letting the rectangle envelop the screen. The yellow turns golden switches to a kelly green, then a neon green and colors get complex: a midnight blue covers the screen while the rectangle has gotten smaller and has changed to a white.

Against a kelly green background with teal egg-shaped center. , three women dance in silhouette For Drake, his background is now lilac. The lilac background has carried over to three young women, changing to dark purple background and center. The same color returns to Drake, fades into a pink and then to a grey. For the women, their colors have become a sunshine yellow with teal center, which gradually darken.

Drake’s colors stay neutral (grey and white) and the women’s background goes back to the kelly green. The background for Drake is lilac then fades to an electric blue.

The women stand still on steps, leading to a door up to the sky. The colors change from a golden yellow, to rose and then to the electric blue. Drake’s background begins with grey and then becomes rusted yellow.

The now mustard-yellow square has grown wider and then changes to a bright yellow for Drake. The ladies’ steps have changed to a bright pink which carries over to Drake. Drake’s shape has changed to a square in the center and two wide rectangles on each side of him, turning from coral (with pink highlights) and back to grey.

The ladies are no longer silhouettes. Their features are now being shown. One lady sits, feet first, on the ground, with a fuchsia background. Behind Drake, the rectangle has grown bigger as well as the walls, which have a grey hue with them with a light purple sky. The walls then change to a bright white.

On the stairs, it’s only Drake. The background changes from blue-hinged white, to white and then back again. A pink light illuminates it from above. Drake’s square has gotten tighter. The square is now taking up the entire wall. Then, all different pastels flash as the square leans further into the wall. Still with the lights flashing, the square returns to its original shape.

The women return on the stairs, as individuals now, each with their own distinct shape while the colors change from pink, purple and kelly green. The kelly green stairs tilt towards the right and change to a yellow.

Eventually, all four ladies join Drake in his square. Then, it’s back to the call center and the door closes.


Rating: 4.5/5

Colors change constantly in music videos. However, in “Hotline Bling” there is a purpose to it: everything has shape. Without any shape, there isn’t any individuality. It turns into an art lesson as the different colors blend, becoming complicated and fresh. It’s beautiful watch.

Also, Drake is cute with his dancing. At one point, he makes the crazy signal with his hand while shuffling his feet. It’s disappointing that he doesn’t bust out the Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. However, waving the air with both his hands makes up for it.

    Director: Director X  Year: 2015

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