Video Review: Hilary and Haylie Duff  “Our Lips Are Sealed”

Haylie hangs her feet outside the car and bops her head to the music. Her phone vibrates and she reads the message. She reaches over to show Hilary the video message that she has to absolutely see right now. OMG! It’s the greatest thing ever! Hilary humors her and gives it a quick glance, grateful that she was able to find the keys before her sister did.

The video from the phone segues into a couple A Cinderella Story film clips. Sam (Hilary Duff), smiling, her phone in hand, reading a text message from her crush. At Fiona’s Diner, Austin (Chad Michael Murray) squints as he and Sam share a moment.

Their golden blonde hair blowing from an unseen wind, Haylie and Hilary, clad in black blazers and black pants, have some glamour shots behind a black background. In the car, the sisters talk about the gossip they heard about themselves and mock it. Hilary shakes at her head in one of her glamour shots, dismissing what she heard. In the car, Hilary tells a joke, which is uproariously funny. Haylie claps her hands while Hilary throws her head back, Hailey’s irresponsibility rubbing off on her.

Another film clip is shown :Sam, the average high school girl, admires Austin as he walks out of his car. In another clip, Sam pours Austin some coffee. Austin gives her another longing look.

In the car, Haylie tells Hilary that people only trying to hurt them. In Hilary’s single shot, she shrugs it off. Another film clip is shown: a message on Austin’s flip phone reads: SOON! Austin looks around to see who might’ve sent it to him. He sighs, wondering if he’ll ever really know. Back in the car, they go through a drive-thru. Meanwhile, in a black background shot of the girls together, Hilary puts her mouth on Hailey’s arm, presumably to keep the keys away from her.

They stop, and Hilary digs into the bag of food. Haylie hears a car pull up beside them. Noticing it’s two cute guys, Haylie flirts and gives them an over-the-shoulder playful grin. Haylie tells them to roll the window down and Hilary throws cucumbers at them. Hailey can’t believe she’s just did that even though she is one egged her on to do it. The cucumbers land perfectly on the guy’s sunglasses.

Hilary sticks her tongue out at Haylie. Haylie gets back at her by licking her finger and puts her finger in Hilary’s ear. With one hand on the wheel, Hilary keeps her sister’s arm off her. Since Hailey wants to live to see another red carpet, she stops and lets her sister win.

Hilary parks and they both get out of the convertible. It’s time to perform at Jeusalux. At the Jesualux, glitter explodes from the drums. Hilary whips her hair and puts her pinkie inside Haylie’s hand. Haylie stands proud, hoping some of her sister’s charisma will ooze onto her.

Hilary sees a fountain and jumps in. She grabs her sister’s hand and pulls her into the water. Then, she chases Haylie, who is trying to avoid the water. With both hands, Hilary splashes Haylie. Now fully wet, the girls dance. Haylie shoves bubble bath at Hilary. But they hug it out and smile. The flip phone has one last video on it: Austin dips his mystery girl while at the dance.


Rating: 1/5

The Duffs’ don’t take several nods from the original Go-Go’s video, they outright take and put a modern spin on it all without acknowledging the band. The song, itself, from the Duff sisters is a brand they are wearing at the moment. If asked for their favorite song on “Beauty and the Beat,” they could only reply with the other hit single.

The video, though, distances itself from the film, although clips are spread throughout. The Duff sisters hang out and flirt while an unrelated high school romance interrupts every few seconds or so. Their only concerns are boys and fashion, with a touch of implied sibling incest.

It is Sam and Austin, the two high school seniors, get featured in the movie clips. However, with Hilary actually being Hilary Duff, pop star, it’s as though she outgrew Austin, decided to quit college and move out to Los Angeles instead with her sister to become famous instead.

Director: Chris Applebaum  Year: 2004

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